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Mobile/Phone Search

Now you can search for listings from any web-enabled phone. Search every listed home on the MLS with just a few strokes of the keypad. Searching for a home while on the go has never been this easy

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Android App

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android Click this Link to download the Android app

iPhone/iPad App

Click this Link to download the iPhone/iPad app

The mobile search features include:

Search homes for sale near you

  • Search for house by criteria and location
  • See the property highlights in the search results
  • See property details and photos
  • See a color photo and read the full property description
  • Get the Open House times and date

Quick house look up

Also on the home page of the mobile search there is Quick House Number Lookup, which allows someone sitting in front of a house to simply type in the house number and easily find that property.

Other great features

  • Save the properties you’re interested in to you Smartphone
  • Email listings to a friend
  • Schedule a showing
  • Easily contact an agent for additional information
  • Access your online account